A Message from an Investigator

Cancer can be a devastating diagnosis, but today more than ever, there is reason for hope.

Advances in precision medicine are enabling researchers to develop treatments that target patients with specific genetic markers, greatly increasing the chances for effective treatment, longer lives and higher quality of life.

I am excited to be working with Aadi Biosciences on the PRECISION 1 trial, which is studying nab-sirolimus in cancer patients with any solid tumor that has a mutation in the TSC1 or TSC2 genes. Pre-clinical studies have shown that nab-sirolimus potentially delivers significantly more drug to the tumor than another drug that inhibits mTOR and other forms of sirolimus, possibly resulting in slower tumor growth. PRECISION 1 offers new hope to patients who have tried other treatments without success.

Patients and their families are always looking for safer more effective cancer treatments. It is our sincere hope that, through PRECISION 1 and future trials, we are able to deliver just that.

TSC1=tuberous sclerosis 1; TSC2=tuberous sclerosis 2